Chocolate, Eggs, Signs of Spring

Eataly Chocolate

Eataly Display

eggs in le creuset


Woman on Cell Phone Carrying a Tulip

Box of chocolates

The Biggest Box of Chocolates I’ve Seen

IMG_6731 (1)


Godiva Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Rockefeller Center Chocolates


Plantings About to Bloom on Fifth Avenue


Unusual Flavors at Gourmet Garage

IMG_6671 (1)

Ice Cream Truck


Balloons and Toys

9 thoughts on “Chocolate, Eggs, Signs of Spring

  1. I want to try something from the Yogo truck. At this moment that’s my idea of a treat.
    Happy Easter and spring to everyone.


    • I should have bought a bar of that Beef Jerky Chocolate just to test it and write about the taste! Thanks for your nice comment on the blog today.


  2. Everything points to Spring — except for the people still wearing winter coats.
    I wonder it the woman carrying the tulip is the same person that raids my tulips every year, taking one or 2 at a time and returning once or twice to repeat the crime? DId you happen to get her name? 🙂


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