Woke Up, It Was a Foggy Morning

In The Early Morning Fog
In The Early Morning Fog

My sister and I were on the phone and she  had just asked me about my seeing things to photograph and am I always on the lookout for a good photo and I said I think I take fewer pictures now, that I am not obsessing about getting a decent shot blah blah blah and THEN-

And when I got to the red light at the end of the Liberty Bridge  before the tunnel, I saw the fog enveloping the PPG building except for the pointy towers peeking through.

I opened the back window and took a quick shot.

On the way to school the next day I didn’t get a red light so no photo.

Day three!  A red light and another quick pick of the city without the fog.

Normal Day View PPG

18 thoughts on “Woke Up, It Was a Foggy Morning

  1. Nice capture, Ruth. Interesting how you can see the beginnings of the fog bank of the river and how thick and high it became by the time it reached the PPG Building.

  2. Great shots Ruth. I love foggy mornings…not the brain foggy monsters, but real, lovely nature fog. Maybe it’s because I am a Stephen King fan. LOL!

  3. I’ve worked in this building from the first day it opened. The one you show is the tallest of the six buildings called PPG Place. Wonderful fog picture and clear one.


  4. It’s amazing the power a little ‘air’ can have. The contrast between the two images is so much it’s almost startling. Cool to see the same scene in multiple ways…

  5. It gets foggy here on the Ohio River. Sometimes on the way to work crossing the river, you can’t even SEE the river! Good shots, Ruth!

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