The City Planted a Tulip Tree

Ten years ago, I lost the giant sycamore in front of my house. It must have been 100 years old.  I even called in a tree doctor to see if it could be saved. It was a sad loss when in was cut down.  I applied for a new tree through the city,

Last Saturday, volunteers planted a  new tree in front- Liriodendron Tulipifera. A tulip tree. A yellow poplar.   The leaves are the shapes of tulips. It is a beautiful looking tree and I am so grateful to have it planted.  I read it is the state tree of Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee and may grow to 170 feet tall.

Email instructions arrived on how to water it deeply by using a big bucket with holes in the bottom and how to not put mulch touching the bark so  fungus doesn’t grow on the bark are a couple of tips.

Does anyone remember the television commercial encouraging the planting of trees? There was a quote – It’s a mature man who plants a tree under whose shade he will never sit.   I looked it up and all I could find is a Greek proverb…

“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.

Tulip TreeHow about my crop of dandelions?

18 thoughts on “The City Planted a Tulip Tree

  1. I think that I shall never see. . . Thirty five years ago my dad had the city plant trees up and down our street. I think of them as a memorial to him.

  2. We lost a ~100 year old huge maple out front last fall too (right after it dropped a hefty branch on the roof of our Neighbour’s car), but they haven’t drilled out the stump nor planted our tree yet.

  3. So glad you had a new tree planted. It makes me sad to see a space where an old tree was removed

  4. Congratulations on your new tree – wonderful. I planted Erin and Stacy’s first Christmas trees in our backyard 21 and 20 years ago and they fill me with joy. (the trees and the girls)

  5. congratulations!
    and a good quotation:
    “A society grows great
    when old men plant trees
    whose shade they know
    they shall never sit in.”

  6. I love that you have a new tree! While it won’t replace the old wise oak you enjoyed during your life, you are giving that gift to future others. Very mature and wise indeed.

  7. Tulip trees do well in our climate and I enjoy our neighbors. I think it was planted when their daughter Rebecca was a newborn and she just turned 22. It has spread wide and is nearly 30 feet tall now. It will be a great addition to your view from the front porch.

  8. How lovely to have a tree with tulip shaped leaves. 170 feet is certainly very tall though. May it thrive and grow up straight and proud, Ruth.

  9. You live on such a beautiful street, your lovely tree will add more beauty to it. Congratulations on adding it to the front of your home.


  10. I have several large tulip trees growing in the ravine in front of my house. They not only reach the top of the ravine (30′) but they stretch about 2x that distance, far above all the other trees. They have amazing blooms – green, yellow, orange petals – although you won’t see any for about 20 years. They have amazing leaves too! Enjoy your new tree.

    • Thanks so much Anne. I probably won’t be around in 20 years but future generation will enjoy the loveliness of the blooms. I appreciate your good words on the blog today. I will watch it grow and know it will get better and better in the years to come.

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