Cars Driving Uphill Have the Right of Way

….and so when I leave school and I’m driving down Parkfield Street (AKA the Cow Trail) and someone’s driving uphill, the road’s so narrow you have to pull over to the curb and allow the uphill car passage. Even pulled over it can be a tight squeeze.

Wouldn’t you know it, I got lucky on Monday afternoon and as I’m at the curb I look out the passenger window and see the neighborhood of Carrick and St. Basil’s Church up at the top of another hill.   One shot with the window down and then I put the camera back in my school bag and take my foot of the brake and head down the hill as the uphill driver gives a wave of thanks.

Looked up St. Basil‘s story, too.

This shot shows Pittsburgh topography. Hills and more hills.

The trees are full of leaves now. Shot with the Canon 70-200mm lens as I was headed to the  Girl’s Softball game.

Carrick Neighborhood




6 thoughts on “Cars Driving Uphill Have the Right of Way

  1. That’s a great view, Ruth. I bet it would be something to see after a snowfall, too, though I wouldn’t want to be going up that hill in a car.

  2. The neighborhood looks so much nicer in a picture. Love that road to get to Carrick. Nice shot!!

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