Following Mr. John’s Truck Up the Narrow Road

One day BEAUTY, the next day NECESSITY- Andy said the blog is like a Carousel Slide Show and you just don’t know what’s next–

On the way to school one morning.  Shot with old iPhone 4.  How about that narrow road  Parkfield Street?

Not sure how a toilet got named a John,  so I looked it up and found out they are named for Sir John Harrington and that there is even a toilet museum.

One of my favorite posts on the blog is the pink toilet in the snow.

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4 thoughts on “Following Mr. John’s Truck Up the Narrow Road

  1. Why, oh, why could his name not been Sir Paul Harrington? “Paul” is my older brother’s name and not only would the name change have saved me a lot of grief growing up, it would have given me some much needed ammo. 🙂

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