Coal Miner’s Memorial and Heritage Park, Quinwood, West Virginia

On my way home from Hardy VA, I stopped at the Coal Miner’s Memorial and Heritage Park in Quinwood, West Virginia, built where the old company store used to stand according to this site.

The names read like poetry.  There are names chiseled on both sides of the stone markers.

The day was overcast and chilly, more like football weather instead of the end of May.

I was thinking about the sign on Bleecker Street, NYC, advertising coal oven pizza and wondered where they get coal for their ovens.

11 thoughts on “Coal Miner’s Memorial and Heritage Park, Quinwood, West Virginia

  1. THe “hidden” cost of our industrial Revolution. If the mines didn’t kill the workers, black lung often did. Such a shame.

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  3. My grandfather, Clayton Auxier, my uncle, Reginald Auxier, and my father Peeler Hughes French names are there. I was able to visit one time.

  4. How do i get my fathers name on there? My grandfathers name is there and he worked with my grandfather.? Raymond E. Brown.

  5. Most men in my family have their names written on these stones. Our family name is Miller. My dad and uncle are the two surviving members on this list of tradgedy. Many of my family members have died due to complications from being a coal miner or living in this area. I proudly paid for my dad and uncle to be on this memorial even though they are still living. They gave their hearts and souls until they couldn’t anymore. I am always a proud coal miner’s daughter!

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