Catching Kids on the Fly



Hardy, Virginia (near Roanoke) weekend at the other Grandparents’ home.

Grandkids and their cousin on the move.

Grandma has to be fast with the camera – lens and shutter, barely time to check focus. Everyone growing up before my eyes.


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12 thoughts on “Catching Kids on the Fly

  1. Great photos! Just so you know…I’m receiving your blog w/o a hitch! I too would miss my daily “fix” of Ruth!

  2. The kids are adorable and getting big so fast. Hey, how did those fish get in there. (I had no problems with the blog either)

  3. Wonderful photos, Ruth, of your fast-growing grandkids! Looks like they had a wonderful time.
    BTW, I’ve no problem receiving your posts. Getting them to load while in Michigan is another issue completely and not at all a problem with WP.

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