Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background

Oops.  Between going away for the holiday weekend and my consternation about loyal and regular followers not being able to receive the blog in email, I forgot to do last Friday’s Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background.   Tomorrow there will be another challenge so this one is in just under the wire


This challenge was just that- a challenge.

Flatiron Building












Fishmarket  Chinatown NYC




A class trip picture in Central Park



Eataly Bread making


Breadmaking at Eataly NYC

Horse Eye

The horse’s eye at Booker T Washington Monument Park Virginia





From the giant Lego store- Prometheus









Farm Chicken

Chicken through the fence




Washington Square

Washington Square Park


Church Spire on Bleecker St



A note I found in the back of the room





(Thanks to everyone who wrote and commented about my ongoing frustration that many friends and followers can’t even subscribe to the email to receive it.  What’s up with that , WordPress?  I have tried to send the link or forward the post and they don’t get it either.  AND from three different types of email- mac, yahoo and a virgin gmail account.)

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background

  1. Ruth – An excellent series of photos. My favorite is the photo of “the horse’s eye,” however I also really like the first photo. Excellent composition.

    On an unrelated subject, I am on Yahoo email, and I have been for almost a decade. I did a search of my email using your email address, and I went back to January 1st. You will no doubt be pleased to know that I have received all of your emails every day since January 1st. No problems.

    I happen to live in Sunnyvale, California, just about 4 miles away from Yahoo’s corporate headquarters, so maybe that’s why my Yahoo email service is so good. 🙂

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  3. Nice selection of photos. I’m glad to report that I am receiving all of your great post. Sorry for those who are not. Hope the problem is fixed soon, so others and view your posts.


  4. How many times have I walked past the Flatiron Building! All those shots of Eataly. I cannot wait for its opening here.
    Another great response to the challenge, Ruth. I hope Support can give you a hand with this stuff.

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