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It seems from the emails from friends and followers that and verizon. net are the largest group not receiving my daily post via my gmail account. There are a few others, too.

Even a new email address and a different provider the next time I sent it, for some reason these addresses think the blog post is the processed meat in a little blue can.  (I don’t even want to write the name of it – )

Why after almost four years of daily blog sending it is refusing my emails is something I don’t understand.  No bounced back email, no sign of it in spam.  People have difficulty subscribing to the blog at wordpress, not receiving a confirmation email.    So what changed?  

Did someone get in my email?  I’ve changed all the passwords and there are no signs of compromise that I can detect.  At least a few people wondered what happened to me and others have let me know they are receiving it just fine without a hitch.  Did wordpress change something?  What is suspicious these days?  Who knows.  Seems other wordpressers are in good shape but the email situation is exasperating.  Thanks for your patience. I did read in an article How To Tell if you are Boring Someone, and one tip was –don’t talk about computer problems. Thanks for your input xxooxx  Ruth E.

And the Post Today————————————————————————————————————————————————–

Photographer Martin Weber had a show at Silver Eye Center of Photography called A Map of Latin American Dreams about three and a half years ago.  I remembered the faces of the people he photographed and how he documented their dreams and desires on a small chalkboard in every image.   He is the inspiration for this project.

We used black construction paper and white chalk.  I showed the students his photographs first.  Then talked about dreams.  I encouraged the students to write specifically.

Today I can’t show you the faces of the students who did this project in my Digital Photography Classes but I wanted to share some of their dreams.

We converted all the dream photos into black and white and then made a display in the classroom.  Of course the faces of the students amplify the effectiveness of the composition and evoke emotion but these are just the handwritten dreams of a select few students as we come to the close of the school year (last day for me June 17th)

This could be a good project for many levels of students  These are 9-12th graders.  I wrote down my dream, too.


15 thoughts on “Big Dreams

  1. Hi Ruth – I’m a random person you don’t know, originally found your postings when I was looking to move to Pittsburgh from out of state. (We were originally looking at Millvale, I think the images I came across were shots from there… I think some of the great signage on a diner, perhaps?) I wanted to say – I’m still getting the daily post (and have comcast?). My fiancee and I have since moved to Pittsburgh, living in Fineview. I’ve loved getting the daily post, was great before we got here, and remains so.

    We’re both artists, and loving Pittsburgh.

    I don’t know any good solutions regarding the email/blog problem, but maybe this bit I found when googling will help? Came from someone else having a similar problem: “Comcast Customer Security Assurance might be able to help you with this: 1-888-565-4329 (M-F 9am-11:30pm ET, S-S 10:30am-6:30pm ET),”

    Thanks for what you do!!

    best – Matthew

    • Hi Matthew
      Thanks for the Comcast contact info and for your good words on the blog today. What a cool story about how you found the blog and actually moved here and are loving it!
      I signed up for your mailing list.
      Will see what comcast says…
      Thanks again.
      Best to you , too.

  2. Those are great dreams your students have and if I may . . .My Big Dream is to win the lottery and have my children move back to Pittsburgh to manage my winnings. Now here’s the problem – I don’t play the lottery. Maybe I should start

  3. HMMM… what a strange problem! how did you know that your blog posts were not received by your followers? did your blog become blocked by some weird error at their end? do you mean that some of us may be sending posts into the great blue yonder and they become lost or rejected at the arrival points? did you check with WordPress about it? and how would we know if someone that we follow is not accepted at our end? I check my spam folder regularly and there are only bogus Facebook requests. Sorry about so many questions, but this is a bad problem! keep us informed once you unravel it, maybe with the help of the 888 number suggested above.

    The “my big dream” post is very nice! and it did get here, but then I am on gmail ( which can be quite bothersome all by itself…).

    • A few loyal and regular followers started to communicate with me via regular email, wondering why no blog posts from me. I have been blogging every day for almost four years so it was noticeable I guess. One reader wondered if I was laid up in traction. So a few friends started inquiring about my health and well being cause they have been receiving the blogs steadily and then zilch! I can’t explain it. Some bug or worm, some suspicious something or other. It seemed to occur when I got the new iphone but from what I read it isn’t the iphone it is the email and perhaps something was compromised. Certainly I am boring everyone who is still getting the posts but when regular followers can’t keep following, it is exasperating. And the weird thing is they just didn’t get anything, not even in a spam folder, or they would try to resubscribe on the site and not get anything either.
      We’ll see how it goes. I will be writing about it again I am sure and boring everyone to tears. Thanks for your thoughts today.

  4. What a cool project, Ruth! I don’t know what it is but writing one’s dreams makes them more attainable. It’s as if putting them down on paper anchors them in reality for us. I certainly hope that’s true for your students — and their teacher. 🙂

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