Do You Keep a Junk Drawer?

A couple of years ago I was going to photograph junk drawers.  It looks like it has already been done on the google search. There are some incredible junk drawers in the image search already.

There’s even an article about Make Over Your Junk Drawer from overwhelmed to organized

My DIL Erika consented that I could blog hers but that was awhile back so hope she is still in agreement.

After all, this is probably the kind of situation that gives a MIL a bad name.

I blogged my own junk on my old Keep or Pitch blog but never proceeded with the project.

I’m thinking about returning to the project, even though there are a lot of photos out there already.

Just read an article about self-assignment for your photography practice and I was thinking about some of the ideas I’ve been considering.

One thing, no two junk drawers would be the  same.

So you do keep a junk drawer in your home?    Maybe readers could send photos of their own junk drawers and we could have a collection of photos from around the world.  Maybe they are only in the USA.

If I came to photograph it, would you keep it “as is” or feel compelled to tidy it up first?

Just thinking about junk drawers. Cleaning up. Being tidy.  Wondering how little pieces gather in a spot, collect.

Thanks Erika.

Junk Drawer in the Kitchen

If you followed my Keep or Pitch blog,you’ve seen these already.  Seems only fair to post some of my own accumulated junk.

my junk drawer




no room for a junk drawer?  A little copper dish will do.

Junk dish




20 thoughts on “Do You Keep a Junk Drawer?

  1. It exists in Italy, called “Il cassetto dei ciaraffi”. No pictures of those… too long ago. But I can send you pictures of my current ones … I also like to have a “Stanza dei ciaraffi”, a beloved junk room, and generally one such room emerges by itself, much criticized by my grown children. However I do know why I like such a room, and I will tell about it another time if you do the blog.

  2. PS: another thought: you don’t “keep” a junk drawer, no more than you “keep dust” on the bookshelves – junk drawers are born of their own. we just let them be, nurture them, and even guard them jealously like Vastlycurious seems to be saying in her comment….

  3. I wouldn’t change my junk drawer for a photograph – since I am a tosser by nature my junk drawer isn’t that bad, but I do have one.

  4. Lovely photo’s Ruth and so interesting to see that others have junk drawers like that. I use tins and mugs, not drawers. LOL!
    Thanks for sharing hon. 🙂 *big hugs*

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