Who Do You Root For? For Whom Do You Root?

Is it whom or who?


Graduation on Saturday.  Everything going without a hitch. Supposed to be a solemn occasion.  Serious business.

I was standing with my camera, photographing the seniors as they filed in and found their rows.

Mr. Milinski, Health and Phys Ed teacher, Cross Country and Tennis Coach, was at the end of the first row.

Be seated after the National Anthem.

I hear a soft voice, “Ms. Hendricks, Ms. Hendricks.”

Mr. Milinski lifted his robe to reveal some crazy Green Bay Argyles.  Of course, I photographed them.

In fact, I think he wanted me to get the shot.   He seemed pleased that I captured his individuality.

This morning at school I ran into him in the main office and I asked him if it would be okay to blog his socks.

He said I could even use his name.  And I asked him why he was a Green Bay Fan in the middle of Pittsburgh? and his response was

“Because I’m smart!”

It Can’t Be Easy Being a Cheesehead Green Bay Fan (it’s not derogatory anymore) in a Sea of Steelers Fans!

was my original title.  

Mr. Milinski and I  had a chuckle and here’s the photo of his Cheesehead socks.  Everyone has their team allegiance, often due to place of residence or where one was born or hails from….can’t end a sentence with “from” either. Yikes.

I think he’s from the South Side of Pittsburgh, nowhere near Lake Michigan but I’ll check on that.

Green Bay Argyles

7 thoughts on “Who Do You Root For? For Whom Do You Root?

  1. Oh, I had a good chuckle too Ruth. You’ve written it so well and I love those green socks too. Yes, only smart people can wear lovely socks like that with style! 😀 Great shot hon! *hugs*

  2. I give him credit for supporting his team, Ruth. If he were to wear them here, at his funeral people would say he had a death wish. 🙂

  3. There’s a man who wears his heart on his feet. 🙂 Love the sock shot, and as for the ‘who and whom’ question, I’m sure you’ve got it dead right in your title.

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