Sisters and Hairdoing

Anna turned five just before her sister Maura was born. This fall they’ll be five and ten. Or should I say, ten and five?

The eldest and the youngest with two boys in between.

Sunday morning I looked down the driveway after Laura and James had just pulled out with Laura’s new car (they’d driven over to show us)

I saw Anna fixing Maura’s hair as they stood the end of the driveway. Very intent.

Maura doesn’t really enjoy getting her hair braided or brushed but her hair is long and they swim a lot so it’s necessary.  She’ll let Anna do it and Anna has a nice way about it- getting her to cooperate…

convincing Maura it’s a good thing to brush out the tangly knots!

Both girls pretty much ignored me and my camera, the concentration to get it right on the hair made them forget about me, so I took some shots and approached them slowly.   You can see when they became “camera aware”.

I like it when they ignore me.

Here’s the link to Francine Russo’s interesting article The Science of Siblings that my sister and I read last week.  Sibling relationships and their importance in your life.  Some note about only children as well.

These are taken Canon 50mm 1.2 L series lens so no zooming possibility. Have to move myself.  Good practice.

Sister Doing Hair

Hair still wet from washing it.  Anna in the


Anna (in the pink) can get Maura (in the yellow) to do what she needs her to dao

Doing Hair

Sisters fixing her sisters hair

Sisters hug

They see me now

Sisters Smile

Big sister Little sister

21 thoughts on “Sisters and Hairdoing

  1. The girls are adorable…their innocence and sincerity are so apparent in your photo story. What a wonderful relationship they already developed. Friends forever!

    • Yes. But what I should have said
      Is when they ignore the camera’s intrusion – that’s what I like – no mugging or feeling of tension cause there is a lens present

  2. They are adorable! They remind me of my childhood and my three sisters, my best friends for a lifetime. Warm greetings from Croatia 🙂

  3. Those pictures are precious. They show such love. I always wanted to have a big sister to show me the ropes. Maura is a very lucky girl and Anna is a lovely young lady.

  4. They are absolutely beautiful. And while I do think the posed pictures are fun, I appreciate the ‘unaware’ ones better. They feel more honest, more real.

    I got a notice of this post in my email – so it looks like that functionality of your blog is back online? Hooray!

  5. I LOVE Anna’s hair. She just gets more beautiful every time I see her. Maura is growing up, too! Lucky to have each other for life!

  6. So sweet! they are getting so big. Nikki doesn’t like her hair done either – too bad she doesn’t have a “big” sister to do it.

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