No Flash, Hand-Held Off-Camera Flash- Sparklers in the Rain for One

Thanks to everyone who sent birthday greetings.  Nothing like announcing “Hey, it’s my birthday” publicly and then being the recipient of such lovely wishes.

Rain kept us from going to see fireworks Thursday night.  Anna had her Pap light a sparkler or two and she tired  to enjoy them in the rain in the front yard.

For the second day in  a row I took the photos from the porch.  It was totally dark.

The first photo was taken without a flash but there was some light from the house and the sparkler.

The second was taken with hand-held off-camera flash. Thought i would experiment as I read about it but never really tried it. I avoid using the flash as much as possible but wanted to experiment for some different dramatic lighting effects. Thanks Anna you were most cooperative.

The cord I bought about 9 years ago and never really used.  I will try it again when I have some more willing subjects.

No flash



you can see the raindrops



Not too dramatic lighting but a few visible raindrops.




off camera flash



Experimenting with light  and hand held off camera flash

Motion in the dark

Anna in motion.  With flash.



9 thoughts on “No Flash, Hand-Held Off-Camera Flash- Sparklers in the Rain for One

  1. Fantastic shots Ruth! I keep hearing about the hand held flash as well but I’m not sure about my co-ordination. Looks like you had a fun birthday!

  2. Love this shots, Ruth. Your post took me right back to my childhood in England, when on November 5th, Guy Fawkes night, my sister and I had a packet of sparklers each, and a few fireworks in the back yard. 🙂

  3. Glad you had a good birthday. It’s such a joy to watch the grandchildren having fun.

  4. Sorry to hear the weather didn’t comply with outdoor festivities. The weather here was absolutely perfect – warm and dry. (Both good things for July 4th!) But it sounds like you still had a nice time with family – I’m glad to you to enjoy your birthday regardless of what ‘presents’ Ma Nature decided to give you. 😉

  5. Way to go, Anna! She wasn’t about to let a few raindrops spoil her 4th. Now that’s patriotism!
    Another great set of photos, Ruth. Amazing what you could capture with no flash at all.

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