Black and White Weekly Photo Challenge: Toys

I follow a blogger from South Africa at Sonel’s Corner and you may have read some of her lovely comments on my blog.  She hosted Flat Ruthie and introduced FR to the Vervet  Monkeys  .  You can see what a Vervet Monkey looks like at Sonel’s Corner blog post on B and W weekly challenge of Nature here.

She’s started a black and white challenge and I’ve been thinking about participating but kept missing the deadline. The Black and White Weekly Photo Challenge  theme this week is TOYS.  Here I am in Ohio,  visiting the grandchildren and there are plenty of toys.

I shot these toys today specifically for Sonel’s challenge.

Then I converted them into black and white in Aperture and am posting a few from today’s effort. Shot with Canon 5D -50mm 1.2 L series lens. I used the cable remote to avoid camera shake.

My DIL Erika’s Grandmother Marion (Marlene’s mother)  crocheted this doll dress, bonnet and undergarments for this doll I took down from the high shelf in Anna’s room.

Caught the afternoon light on her through the dining room window. I asked Erika if she had a name and she said no.  Crocheted doll clothes were “in”.

Erika's Grandmother Doll


Mark(from Aunt Bobbie) and Erika’s Teddy Bears.  Mark’s Brownie on the left and Erika’s Teddy on the right. Presently residing in their daughter Anna’s room on the high shelf, not getting any “play time”.

Teddy Bears


First DollThis  little doll was given to Anna in 2003 by my dear friend G. Anna’s first doll.  Maura popped into the photo shoot.   She is also in charge of tending this dolly now. I knit the old cotton dishcloth pattern extra large for a dolly blanket. They drape so nicely.


Found the missing puzzle piece today.  Ooops, the puzzle was discarded a long time ago. (this one shot with the iPhone) Always liked those knob puzzles.

missing puzzle piece

Thanks to Sonel’s Corner for the Black and White inspiration.

14 thoughts on “Black and White Weekly Photo Challenge: Toys

  1. Wow! These are absolutely stunning shots Ruth! I just love them hon! The toys are so adorable and you’ve captured them all so well! The photo of dolly with Maura’s beautiful face popping in, is so cute and I am sure dolly appreciates the beautiful dolly blanket you knitted for her. 😀 My grandmother also loved to crochet dresses for my dolls. Great memories indeed. 🙂
    Thanks for all the beautiful and kind words and for taking part hon. You are just so sweet and it’s much appreciated. 😀
    *big hugs*

  2. I have a doll with crocheted dress & bonnet. My grandmother made it for me when I was very young. A beautiful keepsake with lots of good memories.

  3. the last photo of the “fish” puzzle knob … that’s a very interesting shot. I made me try to guess what it was. yep… great “thinking” pic. thank you for stopping by.

  4. Beautiful, RUth. Amazing that the 2 teddy’s are in such good shape. My teddy kinda disintegrated along the way. The dolls, too, were obviously well “tended.” :

  5. My kids both loved the thick wooden puzzles and would work them over and over. I always thought the unsmiling old dolls were creepy. I used to make clothes for them thinking they might smile but they never did and got pushed to the back of my closet!

  6. I love seeing old, old teddy bears. I still have mine – and it’s missing its nose, too. (I remember the exact moment he lost his nose – I was appalled, and felt *so* guilty and so bad for the bear.) My teddy bear was actually a small panda – and he’s still in my closet. I may have to pull him out and share his picture and story….

    • Hope you photograph him and tell his story. A. panda would be perfect for the black and white toy challenge
      Thanks for your comments. Glad you are getting notices in email again.

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