Diving Board Silhouettes, a Lifeguard, and Clear the Pool for Lightning









Touch Toes Silhouette


Swim and Dive Team Pool Party Celebration Tuesday July 16th  A hot, humid day so the water felt refreshing.

Diving Board at Dusk



Lifeguard on Duty



Lifeguard on Duty




Empty Pool


The whistles blew and everyone got out of the pool due to lightning.   Time to go home.

Dear Followers, Readers, Friends and Family,

Thanks for all the lovely comments and emails. I appreciate the good words and your cheering me on.

It was fun to share celebrating the four year mark of the blog.  

I think my headline/title confused some people as I meant I was just starting the fifth year of blogging as the four year anniversary occurred.







15 thoughts on “Diving Board Silhouettes, a Lifeguard, and Clear the Pool for Lightning

    • Thanks Lorraine. You know the sky was even more lovely in person but the pink in the water really showed up in the camera better than in person. I appreciate your good comments.

  1. Oh, dear.. it was probably me that can’t count, lol. I love these photos.. the atmosphere is just palpable in them. I think most of us have had wonderful hot evenings by a lit pool.. you’ve really captured that feeling!

  2. Oh, how I miss nights like these spent in a pool. They’re the perfect antidote to a heatwave — and a whole lotta fun!
    Great captures, Ruth.

  3. That last pic looks kind of creepy. But I’ve never been a big fan of night swimming. (Or dusk swimming.)

    Four years, five years – potato, potahto. 😉 Congrats either way!

  4. Swimming always looks like fun! I never learned how to swim. But – I made sure my kids learned. They enjoy the splish-splash fun & I enjoy watching them 🙂

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