Jumping into Year Five of Blogging

Dear Blog Readers,

Just after midnight, WordPress notified me of the blog’s anniversary.  Four years.

So today’s post is the beginning of year five! 

The  blogging effort got off to a slow start, I didn’t exactly  know what to post and wondered if anyone would look at the posts, let alone follow the blog.

There were spaces between days of blogging.

I’d taken a Purposeful Blogging class with photographer John Craig at the Silver Eye Center for Photography and at the end of the class, I wasn’t sure what my purpose was but I plunged in anyway. A photo. A thought.  Something  My first post was just a photograph of  my grandson Michael in “time out” and the family dog Murphy the Airedale, waiting for him to get out of the corner. You can see the very first post by clicking here.  Michael’s  going to be 8 next month. And Murphy passed this Spring.

Thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement, your taking time to look at my photographs and leave some good words now and again, for clicking the “like”  button and for understanding my not being the best replier. Being part of the WordPress Blogging Community has added much to my life.

Grateful for family, friends, fellow bloggers, guest bloggers, readers and followers.  xxooxx Ruth

Jumping in the Pool

Anna jumps in the pool to get on her mark for the back stroke heat.

45 thoughts on “Jumping into Year Five of Blogging

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! I have learned a lot from your blog posts. I am forever grateful that you helped me set up my blog on WordPress. You have been a wonderful mentor and a source of encouragement and inspiration. Looking forward to many more great posts on your blog.


  2. Great achievement Ruth. I really enjoy reading your blog, learning about your community and your family. Your photos are also interesting 🙂 Best wishes for year 5!

    • Thank you for the good wishes Lorraine.
      You are one of the fellow bloggers who make it nice to be part of the WP community!

  3. Congrats’ and best wishes for year five.
    Sometimes it takes awhile to figure out exactly what we want to do and to get a workable schedule set-up. I know it took me some time.
    A wonderful blog and very fine photographs, Ruth.

  4. adding my voice to your congratulations ruth … you are an inspiration! i am always surprised and delighted by the variety and quality of your posts, i hope you love blogging for a lot longer so we can all enjoy it too … christine xx ps remarkable photo of anna standing on the water!

  5. Congratulations, Ruth. 4 years is quite a milestone, particularly when you post something every day. Your inaugural photo of Michael in time out is priceless. I can think of no better way for you to have started your blog than with a photo of one of your favorite subjects, just as you did for today’s anniversary post. 🙂

  6. Happy Blogiversary Ruth and that is quite a long time indeed! I do hope I can last as long as you have. Love the shot as well! Thanks for sharing hon. 😀 *hugs*

  7. Ruthie your photographs and words bring smiles, laughter, joy, tears, comfort, knowledge…a beautiful gift. Thank you for all you add to my life

  8. Wow – 4 years!! Thinking back to the photos of the snowy winter, blow up decorations, Pittsburgh pictures, travel photos, friends, and great family shots. Your blog is always interesting, informative, and a nice connection to every day life. Keep it coming. Congrats.!!!!! Here’s to a super year five!!!!

  9. Congratulations! I look forward to it every day! Wow! Good for you and all of us who enjoy your posts!

  10. A wonderful achievement! Keep the creativity flowing. It is as if your blog has it’s own life. Slow start… as in the beginning of our lives… and it will start to have an outline of its own, its own blog-identity. 🙂

  11. Ruth, I’ve only been reading your notes and enjoying all your fantastic photos for about 2 years and I love it, and enjoy each day’s entries. I can’t take a decent photo of anything! Guess it has a lot to do with those expensive cameras! Anyway, I’m SO glad we’re back in touch! Enjoy your day! Hugs, Sally

  12. Thanks for 4 good years of blogging. I do enjoy seeing the beautiful scenes and family. Glad I’m back on.

  13. I follow your blog only a few months, but what I have seen so far are beautiful and very interesting photos. I admire your spirit that can be felt through the photos and I wish you even more successful the fifth year of blogging!

  14. Your blog is fun with images shared from your life. Often thought provoking and memory stirring. Congrats! Also Love cardboard Ruthie.

  15. Five years is fantastic! Big congrats to you for maintaining a single space for that long. While I have been blogging for many years, I tend to only keep my spaces up for 1-2 years at a time. 🙂 Great capture of Anna – it’s like she’s walking on water…

  16. CONGRATULATIONS Ruth …..!!!! Isn’t it astounding the way we can grow and look back in awe???
    It’s been a joy to be a part of your blog followers. I hope this coming year is a phenomenal one.

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