Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg Ohio- Guest Blogger Christina

Christina is the mother of twin girls who will be ten in October(along with her husband Dewey-the dad).  The girls are friends with my granddaughter Anna.

Their family has been going to the Twin Days Festival in Twinsburg OH for at least 8 years!  You just have to be a multiple so you’ll see the 3 little pig triplets in her photographs today.  Click on the link to see the dates and info about registering for next year’s Twin Days Festival. Looks like it started in 1995 from what I could see on the website.

Christina captured the event and I invited her to guest blog.  They’ve an aunt who lives nearby and it is an annual event they look forward to every year. This year’s theme was Fairytales.  

See Alex and Isabelle as the Snow White Queens.   Very creative!

The oldest pair was from PITTSBURGH- 98 years old!


Guest Blogger’s Daughters in Snow White Queens and Mirror Frame

And some of the Parade Highlights.   Thanks Christina

Double Take Parade


Helen and Frances Peck are from PITTSBURGH PA


Cinderella and Prince

Looks like twin sisters are with twin brothers

motorcycle twins


Jack and the Beanstalk

IMG_6883 IMG_6882



Not sure what Fairytale this represents!



Tooth Fairy Twins- click here to read about these Twinterns and see a video clip of their farewell at WGNTV9 in Chicago. Thanks Chicago John for sending it to me



14 thoughts on “Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg Ohio- Guest Blogger Christina

  1. Wow, what great photos of an incredible festival! It looks like so much fun, and great inventive costumes too. Everyone looks like they’re having a ball.

  2. Now that looks like a whole lotta fun, Ruth. Nice of Christina to send you so many photos of the event. I may be wrong but the Tooth Fairies look just like a pair of twins who were hired as interns at a local TV station, working in the news dept. Today was their last day.

  3. They look so grown up and have the best costume! I used to always hope I was like Hayley Mills from The Parent Trap and would find my long lost twin at summer camp. No luck though.

  4. So many clever outfits! My favorites were Jack & The Beanstalk, and the two Tooth Fairies. I love people who are secure in themselves. 🙂

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