32nd Annual Duckling Day

Saturday was the 32nd Annual Duckling Day at the Whetstone Branch of the Columbus Library.

Charlie wore his duck costume with mask on for more than an hour. The library had provided the materials to create the paper costume. There were some real ducks to watch splash in a baby pool And a parade led by some of the marching band. The NACHO band played outside the library. I forgot to mention that the 72 degree weather of yesterday dropped thirty degrees today. Brrrr 42!

The puppet show, crafts and folk music inside the library were all fun activities for the kids.

So here’s the blog post featuring Charlie while trying to omit photos of the other children. There was quite a crowd.

Thanking all of the sponsors who made the event possible. Each child received a goody bag with a book!

Here’s Charlie earlier in the day, gluing on the paper feathers



St. Patrick’s Day Gallery

St. Patrick’s Day gallery of blogposts from previous years.

St Patrick at St PatrickSt. Patrick in St. Patrick Columbus Ohio


                                                                                          St Patrick Cathedral NYC

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 9.52.11 PM

St. Patrick Chapel in St. Michael in St. Augustine FL


Rescue Dog George Watches the Parade

Meet George.

He was abandoned last week.  Now he’s sitting up in  a doggie stroller with a squeaky toy and LOTS of attention from his new owners.  One lucky dog!

He was watching the Etna Memorial Day Parade on Monday. I included some parade highlights so you can see what George saw.



IMG_9977He smiled.




And here is George with his favorite squeaky toy.  He is very happy dog.






IMG_0077 IMG_0083 IMG_0075 IMG_0079 IMG_0069 IMG_0066


Nothing like a marching band to get the parade going!  Anchors Aweigh they played.

Vintage vehicles.


Some of the Veterans







Firefighters from surrounding communities


I am created a Flickr album of the Etna Memorial Parade if you want to see if you are in one of the images.    https://www.flickr.com/gp/ruth_e/6z3yA8


Etna Memorial Day Ceremony 2016

I was invited to attend the Etna Memorial Day Ceremony at 7:30 AM today.

Mary Ellen’s mother’s home is on High Street in Etna next to this hillside cemetery.  Her grandmother hostessed the party decades before.  Our hostess today was Ruth Gubanic. She continues the tradition in memory of her brothers. She had three brothers who served: two in WWII and one in the Korean War. She honors all three on Memorial Day. Their names are Will, Eddie and Rayme.

All of the Veterans’ names will be added after the initial post because I don’t want to mess up spelling or misidentifying anyone…but I also know they are eager to see some of the photographs from today.  I have created a separate Etna Memorial Day Parade album on Flickr and as soon as it is edited a bit, I will post that link as well.

It was an honor and a privilege to document the ceremony today.


You can see our gracious hostess Ruth in the front row.



The Grand Marshall of the Parade -Jim Oehling

During the ceremony there was a “flyover”- of honking geese


IMG_9921Wreath Laying

IMG_0440This gentleman is Rick Stefanick, and he is going to help me identify all the other participants with their correct names.  Thank you, Rick.





Jim Brokenbek (l) from Post 106 and Rick Stefanick.

Friends for more than forty years, ready to march in the parade.

IMG_0514Richard Hudak is the Firing Squad Master



Mary Ellen and her mother Ruth

For a few more photos, here is a link to the Flickr Album


Rain on the St. Patrick’s Parade Doesn’t Dampen Pittsburgh Irish Day Celebration

Saturday moring around nine, I was driving through the Strip District and saw green in every direction.

Ahhh, St.Patrick’s Day Parade!

How could I have forgotten.  Parked the car and got out in the rain and realized all I had was my cell phone camera.

Everyone was so nice when I asked if I could photograph them.  The rain didn’t dampen their spirits.

Attending his 27th Parade

Twenty-seventh parade !


Ladies of the AOH Auxilary  Sue and Marian




The Shriners


Hanging up green merchandise.  Love the shades.

Check out Neighbors in the Strip page


Grand Marshall

The Parade Marshall.  He thought I was lost.  So nice.




The Teamsters
The Teamsters






This group has placed first in their category!



New Dimension Comics    and Steel City Ghostbusters




Pitsburgh Allderdice High School Marching Band


Mike Feinberg Party Supplies WindowIMG_6293

Miniature Schnauzer Winston with a green bandana

Third Street Life

Cell Phone Trio NYC
Cell Phone Trio NYC

Lawrenceville by Neid's Hotel
Lawrenceville by Neid’s Hotel

Near Union Square
Near Union Square

Belgian Dinner
Belgian Dinner

Cell Phone Duo
Cell Phone Duo

Marilyn Monroe NYC
Marilyn Monroe NYC

Nitrogen going where? NYC
Nitrogen going where? NYC

Magnolia Bakery Cupcake Line NYC
Magnolia Bakery Cupcake Line NYC

Dog in Pink on Bleecker St
Dog in Pink on Bleecker St

Bleecker Street Music
Bleecker Street Music

Pink Wigs NYC
Pink Wigs NYC

Loe protestor in East Liberty
protestor in East Liberty

Pittsburgh Workmen at night
Pittsburgh Workmen at night

Brooklyn Delivery
Brooklyn Delivery

Model on street of NYC
Model on street of NYC

Fruit Seller NYC
Fruit Seller NYC

Hot dog Vendor NYC
Hot dog Vendor NYC

Crosswalk NYC
Crosswalk NYC

Smurf in Times Square
Smurf in Times Square

Bagpipers and Onlookers Morningside
Bagpipers and Onlookers Morningside

Bomb Squad in Parade
Bomb Squad in Parade

Perusing the archives in a different computer.  I know this STREET LIFE challenge could go on and on and on……Will stop now. I really liked it, though.  Guess you can tell.

It’s fun to scan the files for forgotten photos you might not post otherwise.



Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg Ohio- Guest Blogger Christina

Christina is the mother of twin girls who will be ten in October(along with her husband Dewey-the dad).  The girls are friends with my granddaughter Anna.

Their family has been going to the Twin Days Festival in Twinsburg OH for at least 8 years!  You just have to be a multiple so you’ll see the 3 little pig triplets in her photographs today.  Click on the link to see the dates and info about registering for next year’s Twin Days Festival. Looks like it started in 1995 from what I could see on the website.

Christina captured the event and I invited her to guest blog.  They’ve an aunt who lives nearby and it is an annual event they look forward to every year. This year’s theme was Fairytales.  

See Alex and Isabelle as the Snow White Queens.   Very creative!

The oldest pair was from PITTSBURGH- 98 years old!


Guest Blogger’s Daughters in Snow White Queens and Mirror Frame

And some of the Parade Highlights.   Thanks Christina

Double Take Parade


Helen and Frances Peck are from PITTSBURGH PA


Cinderella and Prince

Looks like twin sisters are with twin brothers

motorcycle twins


Jack and the Beanstalk

IMG_6883 IMG_6882



Not sure what Fairytale this represents!



Tooth Fairy Twins- click here to read about these Twinterns and see a video clip of their farewell at WGNTV9 in Chicago. Thanks Chicago John for sending it to me



Three Dog Ride – Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

Three Dog Ride
Three Dog Ride in Central Park NYC

WordPress puts out the Weekly Photo Challenge and this week it is UNIQUE.

 I tried to find photos that seemed a tad quirky and not an everyday shot.

Some may be familiar to you if you follow the blog. One of a kind?

Fun to go fishing for some examples for unique.

At the Penguin Tank-  Zoo
Some kids watching the Penguins at the Zoo. No relation!

Work Boots Planter
Work Boots Planter on Arlington Ave. Pittsburgh

Tree Stump Grinch
Tree Stump Grinch

Food Truck Night Boa Constrictor
At the Food Truck Festival in Columbus. Still don’t get why you’d walk around with a Boa Constrictor draped around yourself.

Carrot Duo
Why I photographed the twisted carrots on this placemat is beyond me……

Fuzzy Dice and Crazy Hat
Fuzzy Dice in the Fourth of July Parade
Lewis Center, Ohio

Black and Gold Rosary
Black and Gold Rosary in Bloomfield Religious Store  (STEELERS colors for those who don’t live here)





Unique Backpack at the Food Truck Festival Columbus OH
Unique Backpack at the Food Truck Festival Columbus OH








Pink Toilet in the Snow
Pink Toilet in the Snow


Kiss My Grits Santa in Roanoke VA
Kiss My Grits Santa in Roanoke VA



Looks like a stone table in the street
Looks like a stone table in the street

Classic Cars – Grand Parade- Kick Off St. Raphael’s Bazaar

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A police car. The Bomb Squad.  A trolley.  About 8 classic cars.  Catch some candy and Mardi Gras beads.  The Boy Scouts marched,  then a Bagpipe and Drum group, the Morningside Cheerleaders.

We had a lot of fun watching the parade in the Morningside neighborhood, not too far from home.

We went to the festival and the man in the information booth was a colleague from the first school I taught in the city -1989.  Small world.  We had a lot of fun and the grandkids loved the spin art and crafts in the Kid Zone.  They loved jumping the bouncy house.

On the way home we drove to Giant Eagle and got ice cream and cones to eat at home. Fresh berries.  Summer!

Scroll down for the slideshow.