Magi With Gift on Vending Machine and the Ice Cream Sandwich Vacuum

What I found after lunch at the inservice today at Pittsburgh Filmmakers-

Sure this King has been shot a thousand times but it was my first sighting and he made me laugh out loud when I looked up and saw him.


Lost Magi



I did attempt to purchase an ice cream sandwich ( I know, I know….) from the frozen vending machine and the lid of the freezer compartment opened and the vacuum hose was at the ready to suck up a sandwich but the machine was empty and rejected my dollar bill.   Waaaaaaaaah!

The man at the equipment desk with the retro Pirates hat came to assist and told me that sometimes, if you are lucky, the ice cream sandwiches get stuck together and he has actually seen as many as FIVE get sucked up and dispensed.  Several colleagues waited with me, hopefully.   EMPTY!


Ice Cream vending machine




And here is the shot I got when I left my driveway on the second day of back to the school year.  Just had the iPhone camera once again.

early am fog


15 thoughts on “Magi With Gift on Vending Machine and the Ice Cream Sandwich Vacuum

    • Ahhh the days of Horn and Hardart. Not that I am aware of, John. Thanks for stopping by and wondering about the other 2 Magi.

    • The fog shot was the park across the street as I pulled out of the drive, headed to school. The sun was coming to burn it off but I caught it, Stef. Thanks for writing a nice comment, always.

  1. The photo of the house in the morning fog is spectacular. And you took it with an iPhone! Holy cow! Well, I have an iPhone (I‘m almost required to have an iPhone because I live in Silicon Valley!), and I’ve taken thousands of photos with my Nikon D40, and I’d have a difficult time getting a photo of that quality with my Nikon D40, and not a chance of getting a photo like that with my iPhone. That is a terrific photo – in my not-so-humble opinion. Excellent!

    Incidentally, the house is architecturally similar my parents’ house where I grew up on
    on Woods Run Avenue on the North Side of Pittsburgh. The house in the photo is MUCH larger, but it is quite similar in structure. Thanks for the memories.

    • Thanks for the nice compliment and for looking at the blog, Ken.
      That particular house is one Mrs. Negley lived in after General Negley died.

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