Night Game Review

Grove City HS beat Pittsburgh Carrick HS 34-12 but it was a good game. The Pittsburgh Carrick team is under new leadership and the whole effort and spirit is respectable and positive.  Last year the score for the same first non-conference game was Grove City 40 and Carrick 0.  This year it was a real game and Carrick scored first and last.  Nice job, guys, coaches.

Several of my photography students are on the team and some of the students I’ve met in another capacity.  The Spanish teacher and his three teenage kids were in attendance as well and we were happy to be there.

It was about 65 miles north of the city and I was glad Steve went with me, especially for the long, dark ride back home.  The gentleman in the concession stand was giving away the leftover hot dogs after the game and wouldn’t take any $.  Nice hosts!    (Shot with Canon 5D Mark ii and a 70-200 L series Lens, steadied on a chain link fence top)

after the night game

10 thoughts on “Night Game Review

  1. again we are leading parallel lives…. Ridgemont High School came away with a win in their first home game of the season. The team looked good, the band was awesome, and the cheerleaders were super! Agree with vastlycurious…. it’s good to focus on the positive!

  2. Great photo – I think you should apply to be a team photographer for the Steelers and/or Pirates

  3. Friday night football played a major role in some of my best times while in high school. Looks like some things never change — and that’s just fine! Nice shot, Ruth.

  4. Sounds like a very positive experience for all involved. I deeply appreciate coaches who teach a “collaborative” mentality versus a hyper “competitive” one.

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