Play Me, I’m Yours – Omaha Nebraska – Guest Post

Omaha Piano

Guest Poster JB Writes from Omaha

This morning I took my usual walk through Memorial Park and the Rose Garden and came upon this piano sitting all by itself at the top of the Memorial Park, overlooking Dodge Street.


Omaha Piano


 A jogger happened to come by, sat down and played a number of tunes so I asked if it would be OK to photograph him. He said his goal was to find each painted piano throughout the city and play them.  


back of piano

On the back of the piano is a bag filled with leaf-shaped paper cut outs – and a request that you write one phrase or line from a favorite song and then pin it on the piano back.  These will be collected and the artist will compose a piece utilizing them.  

To read more about Play Me I’m Yours Project click here to read the article at Omaha.Com

Thanks J for the great post today.

11 thoughts on “Play Me, I’m Yours – Omaha Nebraska – Guest Post

  1. isn’t that something? How I would love to sit nearby and watch the reactions of people and to listen to the music played. This was a great guest post, Ruth.

  2. Ruth, there have been several piano projects like this. Several years ago in NYC. Right now one of my RIT students has been photographing a similar project in Rochester, New York. The piano projects have had different names.

  3. J.B. took us to see the rose gardens at that park when we were in Omaha. Beautiful place! Lovely memories! The piano projects are a fun idea!!! Very cool!!!

  4. What a cool project! And a very cool photo to document it. I love how you feature guest bloggers every now and again; wonderful collaboration. 🙂

    • My friend JB took the photos and Did a great job. I love the idea of it all, the unexpected music. You are sweet omleave such nice comments. Hugs to you too.

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