Knit the Bridge and Three Boats

View from the Roberto Clemente Bridge( 6th Street)
View from the Roberto Clemente Bridge( 6th Street)

Knit the Bridge on the Andy Warhol/Seventh Street Bridge. Night shot.

Photographed from the vantage point of the Roberto Clemente/Sixth Street Bridge on Fireworks night, A muddy Allegheny River reflecting the night light. I used the 70-200mm L series lens.

Just three more days of the installation so get down and walk across and back to experience the creativity of communities gathering together who nit and crochet the colorful panels now stretching across the span.










21 thoughts on “Knit the Bridge and Three Boats

  1. Great photo, Ruth. I wonder what those 3 captains were up to? Looks like fun to me. Do you know what they’ll do with all of the knitted items once they’re removed? I hope some charity will benefit.


    • They are coming down this weekend and will be washed and distributed to shelters-human and pet. Each panel is like an afghan, some knit and some crocheted. Thanks for your good words, always, John.


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  3. This photo is great! While I didn’t really understand the concept of “knit the bridge” before, to see it now, it’s incredible. Awesome.


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