Grove City Magnificent Tree

When you read tree I hope you didn’t start to snore z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z

After the football game, Steve said "Look at that tree!"
After the football game, Steve said “Look at that tree!”


And then as we walked to the car I said, “Steve, that is the same tree, backlit from the stadium lights!”



tree from front

Tried to find out the use of the building online with no result. Steve saw a sign that said
Mineral Hall?


I needed Frank Relle of Frank Relle Photography  in New Orleans to instruct me how to light up the building at night,  He is a master of night photography.


But it was a magnificent tree.






7 thoughts on “Grove City Magnificent Tree

  1. Trees are never boring. That one is statuesque. That building looks like it was once an old firehouse, maybe?

  2. Good eye, Ruth, and a great pair of captures. Seen from the front of the building, I’d never have guessed it was 1 tree and not a few.

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