11 thoughts on “Coney Island Sign on a Doorjamb

  1. not as good as I would like. We learned to write in a type of Copperplate and after a few years we were forced to change styles… cursive. Consequently my writing is a hodgepodge.

  2. It’s a real shame that kids aren’t taught cursive in school anymore. Before computers, e-mail, ipads, etc., we wrote LETTERS!! Great photo, Ruth!

  3. What about people who were born since the computer age – they don’t write at all

  4. Nice post, makes people stop and think a bit. My handwriting never touches the lines and my signature never looks the same the next time I sign something…mmmmm will have to think what that says about me.

  5. After reviewing the comments it made me think how much I miss receive and reading letters. No one write anymore. A lost art for sure. I am guilty because email to much easier but a letter is more personal. Great post Ruth.

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