Baseball in October

Steve and I went down to PNC Park and the Sixth Street Bridge and walked along the Allegheny River.

We could hear the roar of the crowd- 6-2 over Cincinnati tonight.  It was an energetic and enthusiastic crowd.  First time there’s been baseball in October for the Pittsburgh Pirates in TWENTY ONE YEARS!

Fireworks are shot off for every home run so it was a loud night.

Oh, and we saw the Forty Foot Duck, moored at the Point by the fountain.

Jolly Roger from Bridge

Jolly Roger from BridgeFans

Pirates in the Allegheny

Pirates on the Allegheny River with their own version of the Rubber Duck


Rubber Duck and Fountain

Home Run





Burgh MAnBurgh Man with a lit up cape, skating by in a blur


Jolly RogerEveryone is hoisting the Jolly Roger



WPXI News (1)WPXI Channel 11 News filming the exciting news of a win over Cincinnati and the Pirates are going to St. Louis on Thursday

13 thoughts on “Baseball in October

  1. your continuing perfect (and so always fearless) night photography allows us to share the Pittsburgh evening culture events – and I like your lyrical descriptions, for example: “…We could hear the roar of the crowd- 6-2 over Cincinnati tonight. It was an energetic and enthusiastic crowd…”

  2. I was there Ruth and it was amazing. The fans cheered every pitch! Lots of fun and so exciting. I saw the people standing on the bridge. Wish I would have known one if them was you. Hope your school year is going well.

  3. Fabulous photos!! You really captured the excitement for us! Michael took Finn – great fun for a 6 year old. The duck was created by a Dutch artist – our grandkids are half Dutch, so that is even more special to them. I think Finn may have been tired today!! Happy, but tired!

  4. Pittsburgh always has been in love with their sports teams. Thanks for sharing the fun through such great photos. Go Pirates!

  5. I love the image of the guy cheering with the fireworks shooting up behind him; both of the energies are in synergy! Very cool.

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