Buckeye Weekend

Ohio Buckeye Tree in the Front YardBuckeye Tree


Grandchildren update………


Anna and Henry

Anna and Henry


Michael adjusts his handkerchief

Jack and Game Ball

Jack received the game ball

Maura and her baby

Maura adjusts her baby


The Pumpkin that grew from one of last year’s pumpkins.

Sock Monkey and Boa

Why it’s fun to visit the family and rejuvenate for a new week!

 Anna holds the giant sock monkey up at the door, sporting the boa I knit with some yarn (Twist and Twirl) my friend Donna gave me last year.


18 thoughts on “Buckeye Weekend

  1. What a wonderful fall weekend with those beautiful grandchildren!! They shine in every season!! Ditto to all the above!

  2. It wouldn’t be much of an update on your Grandchildren, Ruth, without at least one pic of a sock monkey. 🙂
    The kids are growing fast. Anna is becoming

  3. Your grandkids are just so adorable Ruth and you’ve captured them so well hon. I absolutely LOVE the first shot! Gorgeous!!!!

  4. The buckeye image is stunning, and the Michael pic is priceless! I *love* how you caught him so candidly. He’s going to make some woman very lucky – and break some hearts in the process, I imagine…

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