Daybreak October First- Comparing iPhone 5 image to Canon 5D Mark ii








I tell the students at school, the only way to improve photographic skill is to practice. And that is what I was doing yesterday morning.

On the way to school, I detoured to Mount Washington to catch the sunrise and the PNC Park lights on, readying the field for Tuesday night’s playoff game.  The city looked so inviting, the light coming fast.

Everyday the city is a different color, a variety of colors, sometimes golden or pink.


And a glimpse of the Lucky Duck (which is bigger than my house!)

Daybreak October First

This picture is shot with the Canon 5D Markii- a 70-200mm L series lens.



Daybreak October First Cell phone

Looks pretty good to me and not sure why I took the photo with both the camera and the phone but this one is the iPhone 5 camera.

And here is the panorama of the scene.

Daybreak October First Cell phone 2 pano


Still working on getting those panorama shots right.  You can see a dark bar indicating I need more practice. But it was fun trying.   Love the lettering on the Duquesne Incline station house.


Daybreak October First Cell phone pano

But here is a closer shot taken with the Canon 5D Markii.

Daybreak October Canon 5D Mark2


These are unretouched images.  Looks like Pittsburgh of yesteryear with the Heinz Plant spewing white smoke from a stack!


16 thoughts on “Daybreak October First- Comparing iPhone 5 image to Canon 5D Mark ii

  1. Canon certainly produces a much cleaner image. May be when Apple introduces the iPhone 20 it might compare. Of course by then Canon will be offering a 5D Mk XX

  2. I don’t care what camera you took them with – they are absolutely beautiful pictures of the city!

  3. Our city looks beautiful in all of these photos! I think the photographer is more important than the camera.

  4. The panorama shot was my favorite. Had no idea the duck was larger than a house- amazing!

  5. Your city looks beautiful in the morning light, Ruth, no matter the camera used. Seeing these makes me realize I need to take out mine and “play” with it if I’m ever to learn how to use it. I have been taking plenty of panorama shots. Thank heavens we no longer have to pay for developing them. 🙂

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