11 thoughts on “Photo on the Wall Illuminated by Window Light

  1. What I love is when the sun peeks in through a crystal and makes rainbows all over the wall. Nice sunny photo, Ruth!

  2. Great mood lighting – perfect for a tea break! What is your tea flavor of choice? You strike me as an Earl Grey kind of gal…

    • Organic Green that day. I like black tea with a splash of milk, too. Irish Breakfast. Can down Earl but never buy him. Read recently about pesticides in Celestial Seasonings so no peppermint tea for now . Do you drink tea?

      • I drink tea every day – always a cup after breakfast, then sometimes another cup or two later in the day. I’m a fan of black teas: Assam, English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, Darjeeling…. but I dislike Earl Gray. Not a bergamot fan, I guess.

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