Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

Apparent horizon or visible horizon.  The line where the earth meets sky.

We’ve got plenty of buildings and trees that block the clean line around here.

First up – Coney Island Horizon

Coney Island Horizon




Another clean line separating earth and sky in Cumberland Ohio at The Wilds

Wilds Horizon


Charleston West Virginia Horizon

WV Horizon




Hardy VA HorizonHardy Virginia Horizon




Rainy Thursday 2 CityPittsburgh Rainy Thursday Afternoon



VA Horizon (1)On the road to Virginia Horizon



New York City Horizon

NYC Horizon




Pittsburgh Horizon

And a vertical taken in traffic at the red light Pittsburgh PA


Okay, that’s a pretty good sampling of horizons.

Starting to get too many choices to put up.  I’m stopping now and going to bed.  I thought about going into an external hard drive and finding British Columbia or Okanogan WA but it’s late.





10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

  1. Pittsburgh Rainy Thursday Afternoon…Looking at that picture, I see sooo many vehicles…Have you stuck in a traffic jam, so you had time to take this photo? The photos are great, but the photo with zebras I like the most. They seem so calm in their environment.
    Warm greetings from sunny Zagreb.

    • Thanks for looking and writing today and yes it was a bad traffic jam headed to the Liberty Tunnel. Took it with my phone as I was just sitting there trying to be patient.

  2. It is much easier to get pictures of the horizon in the mid west or west. These are some good examples though.

  3. “Pretty good’? That’s a Great collection, Ruth. The photo of the rainy afternoon in Pittsburgh gave me the willies. I used to commute 35 miles to work and rainy days were the worst. That photo struck a little too close to home. 🙂

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