Late October Rose

This afternoon my friend Ann taught me how to knit a sock on two circular needles. As we knit, we drank some unusual organic herbal coffee (from a tea bag, no coffee beans involved) with a drop of almond milk.
Using two circular needles took time to get the hang of it. When I got home, I watched a video by Cat Bordhi on YouTube as a follow up. It’s good to learn new things.
So the double pointed needles are taking a break. I’m thinking about knitted gifts, wondering why I didn’t start in July- there’s not a lot of time before the holidays. We all know the family is eager to see what grandma has knit this year. Ha!
As I left Ann’s porch, I saw this stunning rose in a lovely light. Ann saw me stop on the steps and I called through the glass – “I’m photographing your rose!”

Thanks Ann. For the knitting instruction and your beautiful rose- almost November.


12 thoughts on “Late October Rose

  1. The rose is stunning, Ruth. I like the description of the two of you sitting knitting socks and drinking your organic coffee. A very companionable scene. 🙂

  2. That rose is stunning! What a great representation of your friendship.

    I drink herbal coffee on occasion – Teecino is the brand I enjoy the most.

    I’m also learning new stitch patterns (crochet, though); I’m enjoying myself.

  3. Loved the pink rose shot. Yesterday, I went out and cut off all the roses currently in bloom in my yard. I have the 5 of them in bud vases in my kitchen window. They make my day! Always so beautiful to see and enjoy before the freeze in the air makes it necessary to trim back for the winter. Sometimes, I don’t do that until late December!

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