Senior Picture Halloween Costume Via Laura

If you follow the blog through FB,  you probably already saw Laura’s Halloween Costume for her party at work.

I thought it was creative and would make a fun post.  She is a “Senior Picture”

Here’s she is-   as photographed by a coworker (Lori, she thinks)    Not a terrific photo credit but that can be rectified tomorrow.

Laura sports her supervisor’s actual High School Senior Photograph, held by paper clips and ribbon.

The look-alike sweater from JC Penney.

(didn’t want to post on the blog until her supervisor said she didn’t mind  🙂  I think she’s a good sport for allowing it)

Laura as a senior photo

10 thoughts on “Senior Picture Halloween Costume Via Laura

  1. What a clever idea! Yes, she’s a good sport! Hey, when I tried to open your blog URL, my anti-virus program denied access saying it was an unsafe site. Perhaps, it’s their idea of a Halloween trick! Chuckle…

  2. Her supervisor is a good sport indeed. Nice that their office encourages costumes – adults need to have fun, too. 🙂

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