Introducing Emerging Artist- Erica Ayla Denien Ross

Thursday night as I was hanging up my coat at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, I met the nicest couple who had just driven in from Indiana, PA.

And when I left to put on my coat to go home, there they were and  I met them again, this time with Erica.

Erica who painted Monochromatic Plague using coffee!

Erica 18, asked which work was mine ( I thought it was kind of her to ask) and I told her and then she showed me hers.  I asked if I might photograph her and blog her and her artwork.  Everyone agreed it would be fine to do.

She’s a senior at Garrett High School.  After graduation when fall comes, she’s headed to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. living in the dorm.

Thank you Erica and family for allowing me to post you and your piece today.  Your early work!  Looking forward to updates and following your art career.

“The Art Institute of Pittsburgh will feature local high school art and media educators’ artwork in a month-long exhibition to celebrate their creativity, and thank them for positively affecting the lives of so many students.” The show is in the gallery for a month. Check it out if you are in the city.

 Address: 420 Boulevard of the Allies, Pittsburgh, PA 15219   Phone:(412) 263-6600

Erica Ayla Denien Ross
Erica Ayla Denien Ross

A Monochromatic Plague     Painted with coffeeA Monochromatic Plague

18 thoughts on “Introducing Emerging Artist- Erica Ayla Denien Ross

  1. That’s so neat! I didn’t think something so creative could be done with just coffee.

  2. In coffee! Better not let her near mine. It’s precious at this time of day 🙂
    Fantastic in every sense, Ruth. And I love your portrait of her too.

  3. Thank you again Ruth! You really helped when I had no words to help. If you have not guess I am Erica’s mom. She was really upset that the judges didn’t pick her. I tried my best to help her but I didn’t seem to have any words that would calm her down. When this wonderful and friendly woman came to my rescue! As a parent you are always proud of your child’s work weather it be art, writing, our anything athletic, but we are very proud of Erica! She will be going to the art institute in the fall which is really hard on us since we are from Garrett, IN. I just hope everyone enjoys her artwork as much as we do!
    Thank you again Ruth!
    You were truly God sent!

    • Hello Michelle. So glad you were able to see the photos on the blog. Hundreds of people saw her work and some wrote some positive comments.
      Because we had talked as we hung up our coats and then I saw you as we were getting them to leave, it just seemed like the right action at the time. The universe rhymed!
      I hope that Erica enjoyed the blog, too.
      Wishing you all the best as your family faces her being launched out of the nest.

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