Communication Via Photographs from Readers

Today’s post features GUEST Bloggers Photographs from different friends who follow my blog


One of the most satisfying aspects of keeping a blog is the response from readers.

The likes, the comments and the emails.  The emails and messages with photos attached are always a pleasure to receive.

Some will say they saw something and they knew I would have photographed it.

Tulips Yoga Socks, A Lost Glove, First Pussy Willow, An Albino Goose,  NYTimes Crossword Puzzle, A Knitted Blanket


I’ll start with Colleen’s guest contribution.

The subject of her email was Springtime Goodness and then the lovely photograph and the line –

“Today is a good day to be happy.”  ( I like your thinking Colleen )

Tulips in the Kitchen



Joanne finished a pair of hand knitted yoga socks for her daughter

yoga socks




and the link for the yoga socks pattern



My sister sent me the last glove of Winter- New York City

Pussy Willow

My sister Mary sent me sign of Spring – Pussy Willow from the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

sea ray

 Marlene sent me this from Florida today.  A Sting Ray.  Hiding.

and a beautiful Florida sunset

Florida Sunset





Florida Vegetation from Mar

Albino Goose















From Guest Blogger Bobbie in Kansas says  “South Lake Park, Overland Park, Kansas.  I noticed it driving to work the other morning and thought it was a swan mixed up with the geese, but could not stop as I had to be in the hospital, but was happy to see them yesterday on the way home.  It has red eyes, and light colored feet and bill. The other geese were very protective and I could not get close.”

Knitted Toddler Blanket












Vincie knit this soft and pretty toddler blanket and set me a photo so I could see how the pattern was working out. I am making a similar blanket.


Bill sent Saturday’s New York Times Puzzle completed  Clue #56 was “Light Insufficiently”

Saturday Puzzle















From Arleen

“You are rubbing off on me–I sat down to dinner a couple of weeks ago and caught a pretty reflection in my wine glass. I of course thought “If Ruth were here, she’d be pulling out her camera and taking a picture!” So, I did it for you! : ) Let me know what you think! I used one with a flash, one without.”                            Flash or no flash?



15 thoughts on “Communication Via Photographs from Readers

  1. If you look real close at the Florida vegetation you will see a bald eagle perched on a tree.

  2. I especially love the yoga socks…the form is for the winter, but the colors are for the spring…finaly, here it comes !

  3. The hand knitted yoga sock is really cool! I like both photos of the wine and wine glass! Love the reflection you captured.

    • That was by Arleen. All of today’s photos are guests on the blog. Photos they have sent to me to share.
      And I am sharing them with you.

  4. enjoyed the variety of photos very much – and the wine glass shots say so much – how nice that people know you and think of you when a cool perspective shows up – really cool.


  5. “One of the most satisfying aspects of keeping a blog is the response from readers.” I couldn’t agree more. 🙂

    I love the way your friend Colleen thinks; and the stingray shot that Marlene sent is terrific! So subtle; great eye!

    And look at the influence you are having on Arleen (and so many others – including me!). 🙂

    I’m truly lucky to be able to call you a friend.

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