Sad Tulip in a Swan Neck Vase

This lone tulip was left out of the water overnight. I tried to revive it, see if it could stand up again. Gave it a drink.

The curved lines seem to repeat.

My dad gave me two of these vases ages ago.
The students have been photographing the white tulips and painting them in Photoshop elements
to make them a color.


14 thoughts on “Sad Tulip in a Swan Neck Vase

  1. Try making very small incisions up the stem to allow more places for the tulip to absorb water. I’ve revived many cut flowers that way.

    • Yes, RoSy, sometimes the universe rhymes. Hope you are feeling all better these days. I am catching up today, tending the blog.

      • HI Ruth 🙂
        Much better thanks. Still get my migraines. But – that’s just part of my life. I can still swing fun things with the family though (with a nap or two in-between sometimes – depending on how the meds take).
        Hope all is well with you & that you’ve been enjoying your days!

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