Henry the Airedale Terrier is One Already

There are lots of ways to mark the passage of time.  You rip the calendar pages off and suddenly a whole year has passed!

When I was at school, I saw there was a missed call and a voicemail from my DIL Erika.

Later when I didn’t have students I listened on the phone’s speaker.

The message was a howling/animal crying and then my granddaughter Anna(10) saying, “Henry, stop it.  That’s enough. ”  Then some more doggy  crying and Anna saying, ” Aww Henry don’t feel bad.”

When Erika got on the phone when I called back, she said that Henry ran to the computer first thing this morning and was sad he wasn’t featured on the blog today, celebrating his first birthday.

So Anna took some photos and I PROMISED Hnery would be on the blog before the end of the day.  Forgetful Grandma!

The thoughtful breeder, Diana McKenna,  remembered and sent a card via email and E forwarded it to me.  Screen shot below.

Here is the photo of the family getting ready to take Henry back to Ohio from Michigan. Thanks Diana.

Aberdeen Card


Erika sent a photo of the birthday Airedale biscuits she baked for Henry’s first bday. I’ll have to get the recipe.

Airedale cookie cutter

One year old today.   Anna took these photographs and sent them through her Mother’s phone to me.

Henry the Airedale on a rainy deckApril Showers in Ohio. Henry on the Rainy Deck

Henry the Airedale TerrierPhotographed by Anna.



Henry the Airedale and his bone

Henry loves to hide bones. Big ones!




Henry the Airedale in the KitchenHelping cook supper?

Thanks Anna for the photos. Nice job.

You might remember the shot of the grandchildren with Henry at his first Christmas. He made the blog then. Or the time he knocked at the back door. He was on the blog that day too.


16 thoughts on “Henry the Airedale Terrier is One Already

  1. Happy birthday. That’s quite the bone. These are such fun dogs. When we lived in San Diego and walked Coltrane these two dogs, Rocky and Buster, were always getting out and trying to play with Coltrane and their owner would yell after them. Rocky! Buster! The other dog was a brown and white tank. But the one was an Airedale. Great dogs.

    • Thanks Greg. Airedales are playful and humorous.
      As you can see on FB I got in a pile of doggy doo for not acknowledging my “grand dogs” birthdays. Ooops. Regards to Coltrane and Mingus!

  2. Happy birthday to Henry! I cannot believe it’s been a year already, Ruth. He sure picked a good family to grow up with. I bet the kids threw him a party. 🙂

  3. Great shots Anna! You are a natural behind the camera.

    Happy Birthday Henry! You are a fine looking chap; here’s to your first birthday! May you have many, many, many more. 🙂

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