Easter Decorations in the City

door decoration off 40th street

Electric lights and tinselly garland for Easter time in Pittsburgh?  Not my house.



and Laura (who was born in Germany) said she would like to make an Easter Tree so I am taking her the German Easter decorations.  Feels good to pass them on. I remember when we moved to Germany at EAster time and on the table in the Gasthaus was a platter of earth and real green grass growing with colored eggs peeking out of the grass.  It was so pretty and inviting.  The tablecloth is from our former exchange student Yvonne.


german rabbits (1)



10 thoughts on “Easter Decorations in the City

  1. Oh! Oh! Oh! You’ve got me feeling so guilty, Ruth. The cards for Poland (unwritten) are sitting on the hearth while I frolic on here 🙂 I have a few nice things to ‘set out’ too. When I get round to it!

  2. I have a basket of smocked Easter eggs I always forget to put out. Not this year! Thanks for the timely reminder.

  3. Love the wooden bunnies and the one on the scooter. I’m always interested in learning local customs for the holidays. We never decorated our home but there were 3 huge Easter baskets waiting for us on Easter morning. Mom knew what was important to us. 🙂

  4. We don’t see many Easter decorations around these parts – I usually just see people put up things for Halloween, Christmas (and occasionally Hanukkah), Valentine’s Day, St Patty’s day, and Independence Day. Interesting how each region has their own cultures…

  5. Hi Carrie. I bought all the rabbits in Germany but maybe this store could help you find themhttps://thechristmassleigh.com/ocart/German_Easter_Treasures/Mueller_Easter_Bunny

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