At First the Oranges Appeared Hard and Uninviting

But I found a solution….

Pulled the old glass reamer off the kitchen shelf and proceeded to make some fresh squeezed orange juice.

The hardness of the orange peel was deceiving because they gave up a lot of juice.

Fried egg sandwich on wheat toast.

Squeezing OJ this past weekend, I was trying to hold onto that Spring Break mood.

Hand painted glasses from Mary Ellen’s gift shop in Lawrenceville- Divertido– “where everyday is a gift?”

and if you want an interesting book to read- everything you need to know about oranges- read John McPhee’s Oranges.

(I have a copy if you are in Pittsburgh)


Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice


13 thoughts on “At First the Oranges Appeared Hard and Uninviting

  1. My mom used to make fresh squeezed orange juice on Passover. I looked forward to it every year.

  2. I love those old reamers Ruth, so efficient at the job! Sadly I don’t have one currently and have not found a decent replacement for the old one πŸ™

  3. We see semis full of oranges driving by headed to Tropicana. Picking time is here. I am always amazed when I see 3, 4 and sometimes 5 semis in a row full of oranges. Just incredible the number of oranges in these trucks…but yet, beef is still the number one product of Florida. Just a bit of trivia to start your Tuesday.

  4. A great shot that shows vintage American items used in every day life. It does take me back to a slower pace I remember from childhood.

  5. It doesn’t really matter what’s on the plate but if there’s a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice next to it, you’re in for a great breakfast. That’s quite an evocative photo, Ruth. I can almost smell the juice.

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