Fire Consumption at 7th and Penn Avenue

We were headed back to the car after walking down to the Point and the Three Rivers Arts Festival.

On the corner was a street performer, consuming fire.  Yikes!

I asked what it was like the very first time, when she was learning to do it. I could not imagine even attempting this feat. My daughter Laura said watching  it makes her nervous.

I found it mesmerizing to watch.    Photographing fire  is something I need to read about for a future shoot.

She graciously agreed to my photographing and blogging it.  You can follow her @PghFireGirl


– if you need a belly dance lesson, a balloon sculptor or a fire consumption artist



fire eaterPreparing to eat fire.



fire eater 2

You have to see it up close and in person to get the full effect… photos can’t really capture the fire eating adequately.


fire eater 4 fire consumption


All I can say is, WOW!

13 thoughts on “Fire Consumption at 7th and Penn Avenue

  1. What did she say it was like to eat fire for the first time? I can’t imagine making myself do that… this woman has guts! (Figuratively and literally.)

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