Little Italy Days Nighttime Collage

Steve and I went over to Bloomfield Saturday night to see what was happening at Little Italy Days.  We saw fire consumption as we did in June by @PghFireGirl

The recycled glass Aurora Lamps were eye-catching.  And there were a ton of food vendors and food trucks.

We met Lenny and James and admired the BBQ trophies.  James gave us a sample to take home and will be competing down at Heinz Field next week.  The Wool Sports Logo Banners would look great at school in the counselor’s office.

The Sacred Heart Window
The Sacred Heart Window

Fire Consumption at 7th and Penn Avenue

We were headed back to the car after walking down to the Point and the Three Rivers Arts Festival.

On the corner was a street performer, consuming fire.  Yikes!

I asked what it was like the very first time, when she was learning to do it. I could not imagine even attempting this feat. My daughter Laura said watching  it makes her nervous.

I found it mesmerizing to watch.    Photographing fire  is something I need to read about for a future shoot.

She graciously agreed to my photographing and blogging it.  You can follow her @PghFireGirl


– if you need a belly dance lesson, a balloon sculptor or a fire consumption artist



fire eaterPreparing to eat fire.



fire eater 2

You have to see it up close and in person to get the full effect… photos can’t really capture the fire eating adequately.


fire eater 4 fire consumption


All I can say is, WOW!