Man Tree Seen in Mendocino CA by a Friend

Thanks for sending the photo tonight from Mendocino, MaryAnne L. ( friends since 1984-we met in Grafenwoehr, Germany-MaryAnne L. is a fellow art teacher and a master quilter, living in Texas)

Here is what she wrote when I asked her if I could guest blog the colorful tree.

“It’s called ‘Man Tree’ by Corrine Bailey of The Crayon Box. There’s the artist’s name pinned to it. Didn’t ask questions. I don’t know if I have enough info to blog. I do have one more pic of wool wrapped columns but don’t have store name. Have beautiful coastal pics tho”






All of Mendocino. The buildings are part of the town that faces the ocean. I was standing on a bluff overlooking Pacific with town behind me. Lots of art galleries. If you zoom in on town upper left, you can see the wool columns and part of the name. see the wool columns and part of the name.

Great guest blog, MaryAnne. The coast looks wonderful. Enjoy your vacation and thanks for thinking of me when you saw the “Man Tree”

for more info go to Mendocino Yarn Shop link to see Corinne installing the “color bombing” as they call it

6 thoughts on “Man Tree Seen in Mendocino CA by a Friend

  1. The pictures of Mendocino make me want to do another cross country trip. I do love that man-tree.

  2. Enjoyed! Forwarded to a friend think who was VERY INVOLVED in the Yarnbombing here…… “Knit the Bridge?” If if was important that the tree’s name have a gender, I think I might have chosen to name it “Woman Tree …. 🙂 🙂

  3. Mendocino looks AMAZING. Just looking at the pictures made me breathe in deeply and relax. Aaahhh. Thanks for sharing MaryAnne!

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