Suitcase Race for Home and Then Off to a Baseball Game

After six days in Pittsburgh- they got out of the car,

retrieved their suitcases and headed up the hill.

They were happy to go to Grandma’s and happy to return home.



suitcase race for home




suitcase race for home 2Michael stops for a moment to get a better grip on his Playmobil catalog



suitcase race for home 3

Maura made it to the stoop first, Jack’s suitcase fell over. Michael was watching Jack.

The boys changed and we headed to the baseball field

Michael on the bench

Waiting on the bench


little league catcher

Jack as catcher




four grandkids

After the game, Anna set up this photo of the four of them when I said let’s get one of the four kids together.  Cheesy but fun!

Anna enjoyed her week as an “only child”.





12 thoughts on “Suitcase Race for Home and Then Off to a Baseball Game

  1. I know exactly how they feel. I love going on vacation, enjoy the time away, but I love coming home.

  2. What a beautiful home: beautiful kids: BEAUTIFUL GRANDMOTHER!!! The last photo is special! Anna has a sense of composition if she set it up!

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