Pressing the Shutter- Too Soon, Too Late and Just Right

Practicing at the Intersquad Swim Meet at Ohio State Thursday night. Here is the process.  Why it is important to practice.


Too Early– Not off the blocks yet

too early2



Ooops, missed it.  Too late, Not just off the blocks but IN the water

too late





And then a couple where I felt I hit the mark better. Anticipating when the swimmers would be OFF the blocks but NOT IN the water yet







Used the Canon 70-200 mm lens on the Canon 5D.  The one that was repaired a couple of weeks ago. It seems to be doing all right.


I felt I got some good action photography practice in as I watched the kids swim. Maura made it 100 meters Freestyle. That is a looong way for a 5 year old.

Maura completes 100 M freestyle



and by the parking garage in the late evening light

Swim Meet 2A quick pose for old Grandma. Thanks family. xxoo They are used to me by now.


6 thoughts on “Pressing the Shutter- Too Soon, Too Late and Just Right

  1. I LOVE Maura’s face as she sucks on her straw. Awesome!

    I bet coaches would pay you good money for those “coming off the blocks” action shots. You can see a lot of “tells” in the form of each of the swimmers!

  2. love this challenge Ruth, I have tried it with horse jumping once … great to see your family, I am always frustrated that I am not allowed to show any pics of my little Paris grandson … but everyone has their reasons 🙂

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