Running Home for Supper

Maura running home 7 (1)Maura was playing at a friend’s house.  Erika asked if I would watch for her to run across the lawn and help her cross the street to home.

I had the camera already as I was photographing Mark grilling trout on a cedar plank.  The late afternoon light was perfect.

Maura was running running running.

Old Grandma photographed her but Maura didn’t think anything of it and ignored my shooting.


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5 thoughts on “Running Home for Supper

  1. I love that she lives in a place where she can just run home from her friend’s house. It’s lovely to see that same feeling of community that I grew up with persist in at least some areas of the country…

    • Fortunate indeed. Thanks for your visit to the blog and for writing to
      let me know the photos triggered good memories of growing up

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