The Importance of Friendship

Long time friends, childhood friends, best friends, far away friends, friends and neighbors of years past and passed-  there are many degrees and types of friendship. Friends can see you through all kinds of situations and experiences.

And we have virtual friends -you may not meet in person but with whom you have a connection, a blogging friend, or someone with a shared interest..

I ‘m fortunate to have received real mail in my mailbox-  birthday cards and also texts on devices and phone calls from other friends.

This Friday (the fourth) I’m celebrating my birthday so it’s good to feel their friendship in a variety of ways. You can eat together, laugh together, cry together, provide mutual support.  Be a friend to have one, it’s true.

One friend sent a tea bag in a fabric envelope with a little verse. (thanks Donna).

Yes, it is good to have friends.



birthday cards in the mail

Loss of a Blogging Friend


This morning I read a post by  Stuart, a blogging friend’s husband (of 45 years) who told of Christine’s sudden passing. A virtual friend from the blogging community.  The first comment Christine wrote on my blog was in 2011- when we “met”  so it has been a nice exchange of good words and photographs. She was an excellent photographer and lived near the beach in Australia so her photographs show another part of the world.

One doesn’t really know what to do when someone passes.  Takes time to digest the sad news.  And then the missing begins……….

Two members of the wordpress community , blogging friends, wrote tributes,  beautiful blog posts, to Christine in response to her passing-
click to see Jo’s A Walk for Christine or Madhu’s Farewell Dear Friend blog with photographs and words in memory of Christine.

20 thoughts on “The Importance of Friendship

  1. Such a beautiful tribute to your friend Christine. It amazes me how many friends you have. On Friday your cell phone will start ringing early in the morning and continue all day long with family and friends calling to wish you happy birthday. Sad to say this year I will be one of them with the grandchildren in the background singing “Happy Birthday FrooFroo.” Have a wonderful time doing your favorite thing photographing a friends family where you will make many more friends.

  2. We will so enjoy celebrating your birthday with you this year!! We can’t wait it see you and share beautiful St George Island with you!! As always, loved today’s photo and your tribute.

    • Thanks for the birthday wishes, for taking time to click the LIKE button on the blog and for your visits. I appreciate your exchange and am sorry I don’t reply to each and every one like I should. Thank goodness it is summer and I am out of school so I can try to catch up. Rainee, you may already have all these resource/references but I saw this list and thought it could be useful to you. It does not mean YOU need to improve your writing,

      • Thanks Ruth. Don’t worry that you don’t comment every time. Now and again is perfect 🙂
        Thanks for the link – I will check it out – I am always open to learning plus it could be useful for my adult literacy students 🙂

  3. Friends do come in all sorts of unexpected places and ways – and though you and I have yet to meet “F2F”, I do consider you a friend. I’m sorry to hear of the passing of your Australian friend – but I do hope you enjoy your birthday tomorrow even more. Celebrate in honor of her. Hug.

  4. I always enjoyed looking at Christine’s photos and learning a bit about her part of the world. She will be missed.
    Happy birthday to you on Friday. Hope you have a wonderful celebration.

  5. For all that has been Thanks
    For all that shall be YES
    Happy Birthday Ruthie. How lucky am I to grow up with you for my BEST friend. I love you

  6. May your birthday be a blast! (Ha – you probably get that every year – eh?)

    Sorry to hear about your friends’ spouse. I saw that on another blog too. I don’t know him & didn’t know his wife. But – I stopped by anyway. So sad to lose a loved one.

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