Eclectic Collection of Color from Monday

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Received this note from WordPress tonight.

Happy Anniversary!

You registered on 5 years ago!

Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!


Swim Meet Monday afternoon into the evening and night.

Ohio State University.

Just the older two swam in the meet.

michael swim dive

Michael diving off blocks


Coach Jeff inspires his team by wearing a duck suit


The duck mascot takes a break on the Lifeguard chair

t shirtHadn’t really thought about it. Good shirt for a swimmer


Promoting team spirit ( not our team but loved the hair)

watching the coaches swimWatching the coaches relay

red in puddleRed light in the puddled.  The magic of wet pavement.

after the swim meetAunt Lala came.  Daddy’s car was in the other direction.  The magic of wet pavement.  It was pretty dark but shot with the 70-200 lens.


Wet basketball court Ohio State University

Color Car WashWe drove by the car wash on the way home Erika slowed down the van so I could get a quick shot.

16 thoughts on “Eclectic Collection of Color from Monday

    • Thanks so much RoSy. I can’t believe it is five years already. Appreciate your visits and comments and likes 🙂

  1. So many cool images in this post! That shirt is great for a swimmer (or a yogi [wink]), and the car was looks like a rave. (Talk about a FUN way to clean!) 🙂

  2. You have added so much to all our lives this past 5 years – looking forward to the next 5 and beyond. Congrats Ruthie

    • Thanks Sylvia. Hope all is going smoothly for you in your transitional state. Five years sure flew by. That crazy car wash is something to see in the night. Definitely gets you to stop and notice! I appreciate all your visits, likes and comments, even if I don’t get to reply to every single one. And I am missing Christine, thinking about how I wish I’d been a more frequent appreciator of her. I’m printing out her seven pages of comments since 2011 and savoring each positive word.
      I hope to keep on blogging, sharing and exchanging -connecting with wonderful bloggers – like you! Best, Ruth in Pittsburgh

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