My Tall and Thin Shadow Portrait at Sunrise

Although I’m not at the beach this week, I think about the beauty of the water and sand and the sunrises and sunsets I witnessed. The rhythm of waves.

Tonight I found this photograph.

A self-portrait.  No diet necessary.  Just early morning sun for a loooong look.

I like how the tire tracks and my legs intersect.


my tall shadowWe went to the very end of St. George Island in the state park.  

In order to enter the state park, my hosts had to get a special pass and code to enter as the number of cars and people allowed each day is regulated.

7 thoughts on “My Tall and Thin Shadow Portrait at Sunrise

  1. Longest legs I’ve ever seen. We are on the road so I couldn’t respond yesterday. But you know I look forward to your blog every day!

  2. I think it was one week ago today we were headed to the “East End” to see the sunrise. I like the photo.

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