The Photographer’s Eye – Guest Blog from Croatia

My son Matthew writes from Zagreb, Croatia………………

Vedrana and I spent the day touring her hometown of Rijeka, snapping shot after shot, trying to come up with something worthy of a guest post on mom’s blog.  

We raced up to the Fortress of Trsat to catch the “golden hour” and found these fabulous dragons, eager to pose for us.

I took ten pictures, trying to get just the right one and this was the best I could do.

Sunny Dragon                  Photographed by Matthew
Sunny Dragon            Photographed by Matthew

Vedrana took just one:

Dragon Silhouette Photo by Vedrana
Dragon Silhouette                   Photographed by Vedrana

When I saw the stunning photograph she had created I threw up my hands, recognizing that my novice attempts had been outclassed in every way.  

Clearly, the photographer’s eye does not run in the family.  

In one, last, desperate attempt to capture something beautiful, I took this one-

Vedrana Photographed by Matthew
Photographed by Matthew

And finally I was satisfied with the results.



11 thoughts on “The Photographer’s Eye – Guest Blog from Croatia

  1. Matthew… Great job. The dragons remind of the movie The Dark Crystal and some of the characters in it. I am most curious about your last photo. Good choice; Love you . It was wonderful to see you the other night and talk with you. Skype is an amazing invention.

  2. The dragon is rather scary looking, but the young lady is Beautiful! Well done Matthew.

  3. Vedrana’s photograph of the dragon is stunning, but your photograph of Vedrana is far more beautiful because of the feeling behind it. Sending my love to you in Croatia, Matthew. XXOO

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