Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure

A November day, three years ago, my sister Mary and I were visiting the family in Ohio.  She was walking with her two great nephews and youngest great niece and Murphy the Airedale (RIP Murph we miss you) to greet Anna as she came home on the school bus. 

The adventure may not seem epic in scale compared to some of the other entries, but when you’re almost 3, 4+ and 6, walking the dog and riding scooters down the block to welcome your big sister( 8) home is pretty exciting.

 I like the feel of the wind, the weather, the line of the five of them, making their way to the bus stop at the end of the road.

An adventure, close to home.
An adventure, close to home.


18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure

  1. My philosophy is one makes their own adventures. Sometimes I feel its an adventure to walk outside. Cute picture!

  2. what a great mood here. children have the sense of adventure down to a fine art – and it turns out that adventure is a celebration of the moment every day here and now, rather than looking forward to some official travel destination. thanks for sharing.

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  4. Not all adventures involve pirates or zombies or the forces of evil. Some of the best are right there, under your nose … er … lens. 🙂

  5. A wonderful adventure indeed Ruth, and haven’t the children grown since then (which of course is what children do, I know . . .). And a lovely memory of Murphy!

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