Marlene’s Virginia Garden’s Yellow- Guest Blog

Guest blogger Marlene, (Mark’s MIL- Erika’s Mom) sent me these photographs of  flowers in her garden at the end of June.

 I searched for them to put on her birthday post yesterday (What We Share) but couldn’t find them.

 Then I remembered – she sent them via iPhone, not email. Spent a bit “loading earlier messages” but was able to find and save them.  

 Here is her garden and flowers around her house at the end of June. Near Roanoke Virgina.  

“All the flowers around my house that are yellow or have yellow in them.”

 Now I thought that was perfect for Cee’s Photography Challenge for YELLOW.  

Thanks Mar.  


Hope I got the labels all right!   Glad you had a nice birthday. xoxoxo 

7 thoughts on “Marlene’s Virginia Garden’s Yellow- Guest Blog

  1. Thanks for making me the blogger. Yes you did get the labels correct. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I wish you were with us this week. Mark has been doing a great job “photoing.”

  2. The color yellow always makes me think bright thoughts. Those are lovely yellow flowers.

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