J2 Dimensional Cuisine- John and Jessica Fell in Love Over Their Love of Food

Tonight with friends at the New Hazlett Theater for an excellent piece- PARALLEL LIVES performed by Beth Corning and Arthur Aviles– (a Glue Factory Project) we were invited by Corning Works to “break bread” and “in person” conversations- plus there were two items from a tasting menu in the lobby after the performance.

The food was lovingly and expertly prepared by John and Jessica from International Culinary School at the Art Institute Pittsburgh.  I spoke with the young chefs and John told me they met and fell in love through their love of food.  It was quite romantic.  And sweet. Good energy.

I asked him how he chose food as life’s work and he said every happy memory from childhood involved food.  They were a lot of fun to talk to.

Jessica and John are J2. but I can’t get the 2 in the proper spot as it is “J squared” even after reading how to type an exponent.

Dimensional Cuisine.  They prepared a savory and a sweet to complement one another and the theater goers got to break bread together after the show.

We were instructed to talk to people we did not know and that was easy. Doug and Greg sat with us upon invitation and so we did get to talk to people we just met for the first time.  With our smart phones turned off!  HA!

J Squared

The lighting in the lobby was a challenge so the above shot is with a flash.

Below I turned on the sepia after desaturating the image.

Sorry for the shadow on your face, Jessica. But I wanted the blog readers to see and feel your love and respect for one another as you worked together tonight!

john and jessicaJohn and Jessica love food- and one another!  <3

10 thoughts on “J2 Dimensional Cuisine- John and Jessica Fell in Love Over Their Love of Food

  1. That is such a sweet story. Since they fell in love over food, they’ll never run out of things to talk about.

  2. Both of the J-squared couple have lovely smiles. I can see they have found the right match. Congratulations to them. It was a classy idea to have the after event involving breaking bread.

  3. A great way to meet new people. And – love that little detail of having the (not always so) smart-phone off. 😉

  4. J&J falling for one another over food – this has the makings of a great song or poem! Your night out sounds like a terrific experience.

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